Eating A Balanced Diet

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Now, look at your daily diet menu. Do you consider it a healthy and balanced diet? Because the diet is crucial for our life and to support our daily activities. Eating a balanced diet will give you many positive impacts on your life. However, what does a balanced diet include, how to set a balanced diet, and what are benefits of it, here is the short answer to those questions?  

What is eating a balanced diet?

Basically, a balanced diet refers to a set diet menu which has a total energy that is equal to the daily energy need of the consumer. Therefore, if your daily menu has more energy than your body needs, it is not a balanced diet. Vice versa, when your diet menu cannot fulfill the energy your body needs daily, your diet mine is not balanced as well.

Eating a balanced diet can be arranged by counting your body’ energy need daily. Then find the total energy of each food, and arrange them into a menu that suits your energy need. During this activity, you could cut the calories, avoiding some foods, find healthy recipes, and plan meals for your days. If you do not have time to set your diet menu, there are many online balanced diet menu ideas.

Why is eating a balanced diet important

With a balanced diet, the energy you receive will be equal to the energy you use. It is not abundant nor lacking. Later, some positive impacts may arise from eating a balanced diet. They can be:

1.    ideal weight

2.    healthier body

3.    a stronger immune system

4.    strong hair and smooth skin

5.    good mood and bright cognition

6.    a longer and happier life

you can achieve those benefits as long as you could maintain by eating a balanced diet with a healthy menu. The healthy menu refers to foods that carry some essential nutrients such as vitamins, protein, calories, minerals, fat, and others. For the ideal proportion, you can check the food pyramid that contains detail information f nutrients on each food and the ideal example of a balanced diet menu.

Another thing you should consider is your goal and your condition. Men and women may have a different balanced diet. Pregnant and non-pregnant women also even have a different diet. While you are in training you may need more energy. You can add more energy by eating some snack, but do not forget to count it. Based on your purpose you can adjust the menu of eating a balanced diet.

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