Foods to Consume on Balanced Diet Meal Plan

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Promoting a balanced diet meal plan will help you to control height and weight. Besides, this meal plan consists of simple meals that meet the body’s nutrient needs.

Having plenty of breakfasts

Never skip a breakfast since it will give you enough energy to do activities for a whole day. There are a lot of healthy options that you can choose to eat for breakfast. If you like a delicious menu to start the day, try to poach eggs and you can serve it with whole-grain bread. Add sautéed spinach and mushrooms to meet your body fiber requirements. By consuming this food, you will get enough protein, healthy fats and enough energy.

Meanwhile, if you like something sweet at the beginning of the day, you can boil oats in the milk or nut milk. After that, put the mixture in the bowl and add berries as its topping. You can consume it with natural yogurt to give protein, fat, and energy along the day.

Getting healthy lunches

Having a balanced lunch will stock your energy during the afternoon and prevent you to feet exhausted easily. Create healthy lunch by combining diced chicken breast, a mix of favorite veggies and spices stir-fried with coconut milk, and use brown rice for carbohydrate source. You can add fish into your daily diet at least once a week. For a fish menu, you can serve crunchy whole-grain bread and drain canned tuna. Make a salad consisting of green veggies, baby tomatoes, and parmesan cheese and include them in your balanced diet meal plan.

Making tasty dinners

Chili con carne is an example of a tasty dinner you can make. You only require lean ground beef, canned tomatoes, garlic, chili, kidney beans and mixed herbs to create this food. Dairy products can be added into the menu including shredded cheese or sour cream. A low-fat dairy is a good option, especially for those conducting diet. Another menu you can make is salmon fillet grilled in lemon juice complete with quinoa and vegetable salad.

Select healthy snacks

Having a meal will give you enough energy for your next meal but sometimes you need some snacks between meals. If so, you had better select natural foods rather than processed foods since they are healthier. Fruits, nuts, low-fat yogurt, as well as a bar of dark chocolate can serve as healthy snacks. A scoop of low-fat ice cream even can be included in your balanced diet meal plan.

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