Healthiest Diet for Humans

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What is the healthiest diet for humans? Many people are looking for the answer of this question to help them achieve and maintain optimum wellness. But the answer can be quite tricky because there are so many different food ingredients and products around us and we all know that food not only bring goodness but can also become bad things for our body.

Human Ancestors’ Diet

To find the healthiest human diet, we need to look back to the very beginning of human race. The earliest kind of human race was hunter and gathering and their main diet was fresh meat and fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and herbs. Our body and metabolism system evolved based on these types of food and that’s including the structure of our tooth, the digestive organ, and the enzymes of the digestive system. The ideal diet for us is supposedly consisting of the food our digestive organ and enzymes can process.

Then human race invented agriculture and it really changed the human race eat up until today. We are now very familiar to consume dairy products, grains, sugars, and processed food. The problem is human digestive and metabolism system wasn’t designed to process those food and as the result, excessive calories turned into fats in our body and not to mention various digestive issues.

Human Diet in Modern Day

Of course, throughout the centuries human’s digestive system may evolve to process grains, sugars, and dairies. But still, that type of diet may not be the perfect match for human’s digestive system. Modern age only makes it worse with new types of food full of preservatives and artificial flavorings, the era of junk food. No wonder we are facing many and more serious health risks today and many of those risks are related with our eating habit.

Healthy Choice for Daily Diet

So, what is the healthiest diet for humans? The answer is eating varieties of food suitable for our digestive system to process. It is better to better fresh or minimally processed food. Meat and fish along with vegetables, fruits, and seeds must be the main part of the diet. About dairies, grains, and sugars, well, it’s really difficult to completely avoid those types of food in this modern day. It is good to add few of dairies, grains, and sugars as long as it isn’t excessive. Balanced nutrition is the key for optimum health and it must be reflected on our daily diet.

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