Step by Step of How to Eat Properly

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An apple a day is not enough to keep a doctor away. You need to know how to eat properly to stay healthy every day.

The habit of shopping

Here are the simple changes you can apply related to your shopping habit. They are including:

•   Line up in a checkout line where you cannot see a candy display

•   Eat first before you go to the supermarket

•   Make a grocery list before you go the supermarket

•   Don’t be afraid to buy a new type of vegetable or fruit like bok choy, fava beans, jicama, and others

The size of your portion

In order to avoid too much eating which is not good for your body, here are the quick tips to balance your eating portion.

•    Serve only once

•    Have someone to share your entrée

•    Choose a side dish or an appetizer only if your entrees are large

•    Choose fruit as your dessert

•    Share dessert

•    Skip buffets

•    Don’t buy sweets and put them at home

•    Eat sweet drinks or foods in small amounts

•    Share or cut high-calorie foods like chocolate and cheese into small pieces so that you can eat it in a few pieces

•    Eat with smaller plates

The habit to prepare food

The way you prepare the food on the table can affect your lifestyle too. Here are the ways you should prepare the food.

•    Serve foods contain whole-grain each day

•    Reduce the usage of oils or fats in spreads or cooking

•    Bake, steam, or grill instead of frying

•    Put sliced bananas or apple on the top of your cereal

•    Use low-fat seasonings, herbs, and spices as food flavor

•    Use low-fat sour cream or fat-free cream, condiments, dressings, sauces, and mayo

Watch your eating habit

It is another important factor to live a healthy lifestyle. Having a regular eating schedule and eating together with your family can be a good start to have a healthy eating habit. You shouldn’t skip breakfast too and eat immediately before you are starving. To make your tummy feel full without eating a large portion, drink water before eating. And when you are full, you should stop eating.

It is true that anything fries is much better food than steam or boiled food. But, green food and anything but fries is the healthiest.

We hope that you can apply those tips on how to eat properly in a step by step. Don’t forget to manage your eating habit, the way you prepare food, and your shopping habit. Good luck!

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