What is a Balanced Meal and How to Have It Every Day

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Do you want to start to have a balanced meal? Let’s find out about what is a balanced meal first before you prepare the food.

What are balancing meals?

Balanced meals actually types of foods that are represented by a food from each type of food. The types of the food are including protein, grains, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. You can take a look at the icon of MyPlate since it is the perfect representation of what balanced meal is about. There is also a representation of all five groups of food. When you want to plan a meal, you should consider “five of five”. Do you know what it means?

How to prepare “five of five” meals?

Here are the examples of food groups that you should start consuming.

•    When you feel like the weather is cold, you should serve your family Beef Stew with vegetable and meat. You can also serve grains dinner rolls, milk for the drink, and sliced of any fruit to balance the meal menu.

•    Who doesn’t like spaghetti? It is a favorite mealtime dinner for almost every family. When you serve spaghetti, it includes grains which are the spaghetti itself and vegetables including marinara sauce, mushrooms, and onions. So, what groups of food are missing? The answers are fruit and dairy! For a balanced meal with spaghetti menu, you can add a fruit salad as a dessert and prepare a glass of milk. It will be the perfect rich nutrients meal for your family.

•    Are you going to serve deli sandwiches for your family lunch? Then, don’t forget to add baby carrots cheese to it. Fruits also never go wrong as the dessert!

•    Consider adding fruit and yogurt to your oatmeal menu in order to add the flavor. A hard-cooked egg can be a good choice to add a little protein. If a hard-cooked egg is a little bit boring, you can try a scrambled egg with salsa sauce to replace it.

Do I really need to serve a balanced meal every day?

The question is what do you really need to serve a perfect balanced meal every single day? The answer is, of course, you don’t! But, those rules are the simplest way to prepare a healthy menu for your family.

Protein, grains, dairy, fruits, and vegetables are what is a balanced meal actually is. Those types of foods are the best foods you can serve your family every day!

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