Why Do We Need a Balanced Diet?

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It is said that a balanced diet is the ideal daily diet everyone needs. It is also said that balanced diet is the key to healthier lifestyle and better wellness. Many of us are still wondering what a balanced diet really is and why do we need a balanced diet. Let us reveal the wonder of a balanced diet to our life.

What Balanced Diet Really Is

Balanced diet is a dietary diet that consists of major and essential nutrients in the right amount. Body metabolism needs dietary intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and micronutrients including vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet doesn’t mean each nutrient category has the same amount but based on ideal amounts needed by our body. In our daily meals, lean protein must be the biggest part followed with vegetables or fruits (to cover fiber and micronutrients) followed with enough carbohydrates and a little amount of healthy fat.

Why We Need Balanced Diet

Nutrients are the fuel of our body. More than just source of energy for our activities, nutrients from food are also useful for various body metabolism processes. The right amount of nutrients is needed to ensure optimum those metabolism process and to maintain optimum wellness. Why do we need a balanced diet? These are several reasons why we really need it:

Improving Immune System

With complete vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients from diet, the immune system will be in optimum condition. Balanced diet can make us much stronger against diseases and infections. Balanced diet also helps to reduce the risk of chronic health problems like cancers, diabetes, stroke, and many other.

Better Weight Control

Balanced diet provides calories enough to fuel our daily activities but not excessive so it won’t give extra weight. Rich of antioxidants and fibers will improve digestive system to optimally burn more fats and prevent excessive fats to be absorbed. It keeps the risk of obesity away.

Delaying the Effects of Aging

Several vitamins and minerals are crucial to help delaying aging effects. Vitamin C promotes collagen building to keep the skin looks firm. Antioxidants and other vitamins also help optimum skin cells regeneration to prevent premature aging.

Improving Well Being

Balanced diet isn’t only helpful to keep us active but it also good for our mental health. As balanced diet maintains good body wellness, it also helps us have more positive spirit and become much stronger against mental problem.

Lengthening Your Life

As balanced diet promotes healthier body metabolism, better wellness, better look, and better mental health, it gives better quality of life and as the result, it will improve our life expectancy.

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